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Wool Blanket & Leather Straps

Wool Blanket & Leather Straps



Ready for a cozy campfire, impromptu picnic, tailgate party... or just to keep warm under the stars.  Hand crafted artisan leather blanket straps keep this 70/30 wool blanket at hand and ready for adventure.

Innovative leather strap and handle harness is crafted from premium top-grain leather with contrast waxed thread stitching.  Reinforced solid metal buckles and grommets.  Artisan made, each is unique - your stitching color will be a surprise!

Paired with a soft but tough heavyweight 70/30 wool blanket for all those outdoor and indoor needs. Machine washable and water resistant, throw it on wet ground or a dirty pickup truck bed to keep clean and dry.

Blanket: olive green or charcoal grey.

Materials: 70% Virgin Woven Wool / 30% Synthetic (makes it less itchy & machine washable)

Dimensions: 62" X 80"